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Art is a vital part of our daily existence. Our lives would be very depressing without the beauty of art in whatever form we choose to have in our world. Some prefer modern art with it’s simple lines and colors. Some like abstract art with it’s odd shapes and dimensions. Some appreciate the simple black and white and shades of gray that are pencil drawing. And then there are those that need art to be realistic showing whatever the subject in a form that is almost photographic. While I have a certain appreciation for the other styles, I work mostly in realism. Pencil drawings that represent  the detail of the person, place, pet or thing. And paintings that bring to life the colors of our world.

I invite you, the viewer of the moment, to my world of art; to enjoy my drawings and paintings and think about making them yours or deciding that there is something you would like to have in your world, home or office.

I am an artist. I offer my services to you to make your world a more beautiful place.

Angels Weep Too tnl

Pencil Drawing

sunny flower 2 tnl


galaxywood tnl


I also offer Calligraphy services. Calligraphy is another form of art and can be made beautiful enough to hang on a wall as an enduring and inspirational piece of art.
Visit the page because little thumbnails do not do it justice.

And if that’s not enough for your artistic curiosity, I also write. I have 9 books  available.
Visit that page as well, and see the previews of most of them.

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Prince Eric book cvr tnl02
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Have Your Cake cvr tnl03
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