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Ok, for those that want a face to go with the information, that’s me, a couple years ago, and I guarantee I don’t look like that every day. I don’t change much, I’m just the t-shirt and jeans kinda person. So, now you can see I am a real person, an artist, calligrapher, writer and general crafty type. I’ve never met a project that I won’t at least try.

A little background: I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have been transplanted to North Carolina, Raleigh area for 25 years +. I have not had any formal training in art, just whatever classes available in high school and practice since I was 5. There was one teacher that I give credit to for helping me. He was the one in 9th grade that taught me shading. How to make the best use of the lowly pencil. I was a little upset when he handed me one of those kids big fat pencils to use but I used it and learned to “not be afraid of the dark”. It was amazing! My drawing took on three dimensions and shadows and suddenly my circles turned into balls! So, training? I guess. he said he saw the potential and simply built on it.

I come from an artistic family. Mom almost became an art teacher. My sister also has natural talent and her oldest son is making his living with his talent. I feel that God gave me the talent and the desire to create, now all I have to do is follow through and do it!

I came into this world with nothing but loving family. I hope to leave it a more beautiful place for everyone here. I draw and paint because words are not enough. God has blessed me with the ability to touch hearts and souls with the gift of art. I see the world through the potential of beauty and my vision goes beyond what the normal eye can see. I believe that anything the heart desire can be drawn or painted, I merely await you to ask. Art says what we cannot.

Contact Brandy: e-mail: brandy@brandycraft.com
Cell number 828-980-3194