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Drawings Pg 1
its never too late

A pencil drawing done for an order. Prints are available at Image Kind.

Pencil drawing of a small house. I also did the framing and the customer is very happy!

Candys House

A pencil portrait done for a friend. Example, No prints.

A pencil drawing done for an order. Example only.

indian s03
Marions Ride

This is a pencil portrait that was done a long time ago and is the reason I now ask for down payments. The original is still available as are prints.

A pencil drawing of a second house for a gift. I framed this one also. This frame works very nicely with the pencil drawings.

Glendas House
pencil portrait

A pencil portrait done for a friend. The photo is herself and her husband from many years ago and was fading so she asked if I could draw it. :)

A pencil drawing of a ‘day spa’. This is for a client that needed a picture to show of what she would like to have in a real spa. The thumbnail shows it framed.

Tonyas Spa
Pencil Portrait Two Daughters

A pencil portrait of two sisters done for a new friend from two separate photos. The youngest, on the left, is deceased so this portrait is important to their mom.

This portrait is of a couple, both deceased, that never had a picture of themselves together. This was a composite of two photos and an image of the Eiffel tower.

I redrew the portrait >
I did not like the way it came out so the image below is the final.

Pencil portrait Parents in Paris s
Pencil Portrait Mom and Dad
Lion Man s

The same ‘lion’ is in both images as per the clients request.

armored lion man s
David Confronts Goliath s

The two of David and Goliath are for the same person as the ‘Lion Men’. He is  making tshirts from the drawings

David Slays Goliath s

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