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This page is for those who need pricing for new commissions. All of my artwork is based on the same pricing structure whether it is pencil, watercolor or oils. It’s really pretty easy. I am currently asking $1 to $1.50 per square inch overall size. So and 8 x 10 would be between $80 and $120. The difference is in the difficulty of the art, the more background detail, the more expensive. There is an extra charge if there is more than one subject, two or more people or pets, for instance. 

   8 x 10 - $80 to $120
11 x 14 - $154 to $230
16 x 20 - $320 to $480
18 x 24 - $432 to $648
24 x 30 - $720 to $1080

This touches the main sizes and you can do the math from there.

Each additional subject adds $30. Why? Because it is that much more time involved.

Most of my work is done from your photos so you need to understand that the better the photo the better the art will be. They can be e-mailed or snail mailed, either one works. If you choose to mail them, they will be returned when the art is complete.
Be aware that the best photo makes the best art.

There is a 50/50 policy. 50% down and 50% when completed. I will e-mail a photo for approval before the work is completed to make sure it is what you wanted. There are limits to how much changing can be done without incurring additional charges. With the larger sizes I will take three equal payments with 1/3 down. The only additional charge is for shipping, eg $18 for 11 x 14 which includes packaging.

I also offer framing of your art, ask about cost. Watercolor and pencil require mat/mats and glass which increases the overall size but not the price of the art itself.

Please contact me with any questions.

Contact Brandy: e-mail:
Cell number 828-980-3194