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Calligraphy is essentially an art form. I can do great work by hand however the pricing is much higher than using the computer.

Prices by computer for envelopes:

$20 setup fee which is doing whatever is needed to get your information into whatever font you want. Usually this is with a word doc list. If I have to retype each one it adds $0.15 per each to the printing price and a $20 setup fee.

Printing is $.65 per envelope
Adding the return address on the front is included, on the back is an additional $.25 per envelope.

Printing return addresses on RSVP envelopes is $. 25 per envelope.

I require at least 10 extra envelopes to allow for mistakes.

Prices for hand printed envelopes:

There is a $50 setup fee.
The charge per envelope is $6.50 which includes the return address on front or back. Matching the font and color on your invitation is possible but may not be 100%.

I require at least 15 extra envelopes to allow for mistakes. (yes they happen)


Prices for poetry or full page artist writing is done per project. It depends on embellishments, font style and type of ink needed, eg. plain colors or metallic.


As you can see the price of projects done by hand is much more due to the time involved. I have found that doing this with the computer is a satisfactory method and provides nice results. I have 1000’s of fonts and can usually find whatever one you have used especially if I have the font name, some are very similar. Poetry and embellishments can be done for much less as well and can be hand embellished with gold or metallic ink if desired.
It’s best if you call or e-mail for an estimate.  

Contact Brandy: e-mail:
Cell number 919-912-4391