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Oil painting or watercolor is another of my favorite mediums to work in. I am good with either and the only subject I have trouble with is people. Skin tones are rather difficult. Any other subject I have no problem, pets, flowers, wildlife, landscapes in any season. All of these paintings are for sale, if not the original, then prints; canvas or poster, your choice. I will note which are available as originals. If you want an original of one that is sold it can be repainted and it will be one-of-a-kind; just can’t make two exactly alike.

5 Falls tnl Autumn Path tnl Bible study tnl blue ridge mini tnl
Cave View tnl His House tnl
blue eyes tnl
DaisyMae tmnl
cardinal oils tnl
Dandy Lion tnl
magnolia s
His House 2 tnl Kittens Playing tml
iris tmnl
Moonlight Shadows thnl
liliesthnl MyRetreat uf thml
Lily tnl
Mystery Walkthml
Solitude tml
orchids tml02
Pansy Face tml
Snowy Owl tnl
Pray Baby tnl Red waterlily tnl
Swan Lake tnl
Serenity thnl
screech owl tnl
pansy lions thml 2
Tulip Time thnl
sunny flower 2 tnl02 to Grandmothers House uf thnl
Zebra tnl
Spilled Wine tnl
Wine Glass and grapes tnl GalaxyWood 2 tnl
IndieWood tnl
GalaxyWood 3 tnl KnotinWood I tnl
galaxywood tnl02
SpiritWood 3 tnl MetallicWood 1 tnl
KnotinWood 2 tnl
KnotnWood 3 tnl
Time in Space tnl
abstract squares 9 x 12 tnl

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