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Yes, the lowly pencil. In the hands of a craftsman it becomes a tool of beautiful detail. I aspire to be that craftsman, er woman. I hope my current drawings show you how wonderful pencil drawings can be, how the darks and lights blend to make the whole.
I hope you find a drawing you wish to make your own, or an idea for something you would like, portraits, pets, wildlife or a combination of all. Please enjoy.

Angel Song tnl

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Angels Weep Too tnl02
Baby Roses tnl
Bobcat tnl
Bambi & Friends tnl02 cougar tnl
bunnynfrndstnl Angeltnl
cougarhead tnl First Ocelot tnl Horse head tnl
kittens tml
Leo Moon tnl
cat on blk tmnl
OldTree tnl
Miceand friends tnl
owl tnl
Miss Kitty tnl
raccoon and friends tnl
racoonintree tnl
Steel Pegasus tnl
stripe tnl
bambi thml
Tiger Love tnl
Puppy Love tnl
Pups and Daisies tnl
Arabian 2 tnls
Arabian 3 tnl
Arabian tnl
wine bottle tnl
Peeking Owl tnl Peeking Wolf tnl Peeking Tiger tnl
Aussie tnl02
Elephant mom and baby foward tnl Elephant mom and baby tnl
Peeking Raccoon tnl
Bull Dog Pup tnl
Kisses tnl
Old House tnl
A Horse of Course tnl
Tiger portrait tnl
Chocolate Lab tnl

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